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The founder of Travel Guide of America is a lifelong Bostonian who has traveled extensively throughout the country, often taking road trips that were true learning experiences, while discovering geography and cultures that were completely different from that of the New England region.

Through looking at other online travel guides and vacation sites, we have come to realize that many of them concentrate on the most popular tourist spots. And while we do touch upon such famous vacation towns as Stowe, VT, and Mendocino, CA, we also feel that such great, lesser-known communities such as Yachats, OR, and Hayward, WI, are also worthy of space on Travel Guide of America.

The founder of Travel Guide of America has supplied nearly all of the photographs shown on the site. His photos can also be seen in several other places on the Internet, and have been used in, among other things, a Miller Lite ad, as well as in a wing of a Boston-area hospital.

Enjoy our US travel guide, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments, complaints, or questions. Thanks for visiting our site!

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