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Black and white photo of Tower Hill in Boylston, MA Color photography is great, but sometimes a black and white photo offers so much more. Many different moods can be captured in black and white images, including some that are haunting, others that are thought-provoking, and still others that evoke a feeling of the past. The Unbited States seems a perfect place for black and white photography, as its often wide-open landscape is sometimes captured best when color is not involved.

Black and white photo of Inlet, NY Some of the photos you will find in this special feature of Travel Guide of America include people scenes, such as baseball games and ice cream stands; landscape shots of all kinds, including plains, coastlines, mountains, and forests; and images of places that you might not see in travel guides, including old mill towns, lesser-traveled urban neighborhoods, and abandoned seaside villages.

Black and white photo of Mendocino, CA Thanks for joining us in taking an online trip to some corners of America that seem made to be captured in black and white. Unlike the photos in our Landscapes of America, Scenic Drives of America, or Main Streets of America features, not all of the shots shown here are pretty, but they may just transport you to another time and another place, which is what black and white photography is all about.

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