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Doolin, Ireland

This County Clare village is a hub for music lovers.

Photo of Doolin, Ireland Doolin, a small village located on the west coast of Ireland, is a great place for people who are looking to get a taste of all that Ireland has to offer. From cozy pubs renowned for their traditional music to peaceful hiking trails and back roads beloved by outdoors lovers to stores filled with all kinds of tradtional Irish crafts and clothing, the little town of Doolin has everything a traveler to Ireland might be looking for.

Photo of Doolin, Ireland The lower village of Doolin is particularly scenic, with shops and restaurants lining one side of the main street, all facing a bubbling stream that heads toward the nearby Atlantic Ocean. The centerpiece of the village is Gus O'Connor's Pub, which many consider one of the best pubs in Ireland. And a few miles south are the stunning Cliffs of Moher. Doolin may be tiny, but it is surely one of Ireland's premier destinations.


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