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Route 100, Vermont

(Scenic Drives of America Feature)

A beautiful route through the heart of the Green Mountains.

Photo of Stowe, VT When people think of the beautiful state of Vermont, they often think of classic old villages such as Stowe, Warren, Weston, and Wilmington. Aside from towering church steeples, rickety old general stores, old covered bridges, and leafy country lanes, what do these four photogenic hamlets have in common? They are all located on Route 100, one of the most scenic roads in New England, if not the entire country.

Photo of South Newfane, VT Route 100 cuts through the backbone of Vermont, with spectacular mountain views along the entire stretch. Route 100 is a north-south route that starts at the Canadian border and ends where Vermont meets up with the Massachusetts border. Many photographers consider Route 100 to be the best route in the state for viewing fall foliage. Visit it and find out for yourself; chances are, you may just agree.

Map of Route 100 in Vermont: Click here to find the location of a particularly beautiful section of Route 100.


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