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Route 108, Vermont

(Scenic Drives of America Feature)

A steep, winding mountain road in Northern Vermont.

Photo of Route 108 in Jeffersonville, VT Route 108 is a fairly long road that goes through a large part of Northern Vermont, starting in the popular resort town of Stowe and winding its way up to the Canadian border. But it is the section of Route 108 between Stowe and Jeffersonville that is particularly striking, as this 20-mile stretch of road cuts its way through some of the most rugged country in the Northeastern United States.

Photo of Smuggler's Notch in Vermont From Stowe, Route 108 climbs gradually for a few miles before steepening as it approaches Mount Mansfield, the highest mountain in Vermont. Then it rises at near-impossible grades through Smuggler's Notch before dropping rapidly through the remote alpine lands south of Jeffersonville. From there, Route 108 flattens out, meandering through farmland to Canada.

Map of Route 108 in Vermont: Click here to find the location of a particularly beautiful section of Route 108.


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