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Route 28, New York

(Scenic Drives of America Feature)

A scenic road through the wild and remote central Adirondacks.

Photo of Raquette Lake, NY Route 28 is a long, loopy road that winds its way from the Catskills in southern New York to the Adirondacks in the central part of the state. And perhaps nowhere is this scenic road more beautiful than in Adirondack State Park, the biggest state park in the United States. The part of Route 28 from Forestport to Blue Mountain Lake is an unforgettable drive, meandering past pristine lakes, deep woods, and rustic little towns.

Photo of Big Moose, NY Much of this part of Route 28 is on a high plateau, making towns such as Thendara, Old Forge, Eagle Bay, Inlet, and Raquette Lake prime destinations for those who love cool, clean air. And just off Route 28 are more remote outback towns such as Big Moose and Stillwater. If you are looking for a scenic drive through an area with a timeless beauty, head up to Route 28 and find out why so many people love this road.

Map of Route 28 in New York: Click here to find the location of Route 28 in the central Adirondacks.


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